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Dear Parents,

In today’s technical world, education plays a significant role in every one’s life. Every possibility exists for the one who intends to uncover what lies within. If we discover our inner-self, every dream would become possibility, every fortune would become plausible & every fear conquerable.
There are immense possibilities for those who dare to dream & turn those dreams into reality. Good education makes the dream into reality. Vibrant International Academy is such a place where all the dreams of the child get fulfilled. Along with studies, the children here enjoy the co-curricular activities like karate, swimming and various sports and learn life skills which enhance their life skills and nurture them to be a human being.



Vibrant International Academy
Changa, Anand

When students walk into the school building on their first day of school, I dream about how they would be as young adults when they walk out of this school, after 10-12 years.

I also envision in what ways they need to be prepared, equipped & honed for life. As educators, it is our responsibility to nurture students so they can create their future.

Our role is to create a School system that facilitates such a climate. As an institution, we stand on the cusp of a great opportunity. We are committed to prepare our students for citizenship: to cultivate skilled and passionate future entrepreneurs and work force; to teach cultural literacy so they become sensitive local and adaptive global citizens, to help students become critical thinkers so they make well informed choices: lastly and most importantly to inculcate lifelong values, discipline and responsible adulthood. This is the essence of our school education.


Mr. Chandresh Dhandhukia
Vibrant Waves International Academy

About Us

Vibrant International School aims at all round development of the child. It focuses on the current needs and aspirations of a society, its inherent values, concerns as well as broad human ideals. There are several frameworks that can be referred to derive a meaningful working framework for assessing all round development of the child.
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Vibrant International Academy,
Changa, Valetva - Dabhou Road,
At. & Po.: Changa
+91 75758 01930
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